From London to visit ringsels, Neah and Chris

Today, Sunday 13th  of December is the last day to appreciate this. Many people have come during all the weekend, and curiously it was a peculiar silent constant scene.

Before the interview, I keep my eyes on this couple, because I am waiting for the best moment, they are silent and sitting on the floor… I don’t want break this moment! Just wait and speak with Neah when she looks at me. Obviously she understand I’m the person who will ask both, I keep my camera, papers and pen. When she access to be interviewed, I remove my shoes and go there to start the most comfortable interview that I have done.

Behind us are the ringsels, Buddhist relics of Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour exhibition. We are sitting on the floor, at the meditation area. Neah and Christopher have come to Ontinyent (Valencia) from London, expressly to see this exhibition, which is the latest European Tour before the relics goes to India permanently.

Both are little nervous at the beginning. Probably for my bad English…

Beatriz: Where are you from?

Chris: She is originally from New Delhi (India) – Chris comment, referring Neah- but we are from London.

Neah nods and smile.

Beatriz: Which is your religion? Are you Buddhist?

Neah: I was born in India, and I was born Hindu. My parents are Hindus, technically I’m Hindu. God is the same… (she smiles friendly).

Chris: The same. Well, I followed Tao. I’m not Taoist. Tao is the religion. I mean the philosophy.

Beatriz: Is your first time here, in Spain?

Neah: I have been to Barcelona for holiday’s here is back. It is my second time in Spain.

(She makes an expression with her glance and her right arm to indicate now is him turn).

Chris: I’ve been in Spain several times I’ve been to Valencia few years ago. Now, is our first time in Ontinyent.

(Both smile while they try to pronounce the stammering noun of the city, Ontinyent).

Beatriz: How was that you find this exhibition? Maybe by news or by advertisements?    

Neah: My friend who is a student of teachings of Dr. David Hawkins, told me about it. And I went to the first exhibition in London a year back and then this is the last one.

Chris: So from here the relics go back to India?

Beatriz: Yes. It is going to Kushinagar (India’s northern region).

Chris: So, yeah… It’s easy to come here!- He smiles again- .

Beatriz: It’s better.

Chris: There’s a teacher, David Hawkins. Some of your friends have here the same book: Teachings of Doctor David Hawkins. He was an American enlightened teacher, he died few years ago.

Neah: I think in 2012.

Chris: So In London there’s a study group on his work and he talks about spiritual cultivation. He talks about many different sings in own teachings which is non-religious. And so, one of that friend from that reading group it told us the relics coming here to Valencia. And we had last year these relics moving London and we went to visit relics. Then was a very good experience

Beatriz: Did you enjoy?

Chris: Yes, very good, yeah!

Beatriz: How was this experience (visit the relics in Spain) for you?

Neah: It feels like you are home. It seems more peaceful. Feels like very powerful loving energy, protecting taking care energy. And God exists.

(Both look happy smiling.)

Chris: Yeah… Oversea, the energy the tranquility it feels like presents. And in this space, an obviously the intentions of people who visit it, is all over positive.

(Neah nods again.)

Beatriz: Did you see different face expression in the people between the first time, when they come, and after, when they go out?

(Neah nods and offers a kind smile again.)

Neah: It’s quite peaceful, yes.

Chris: Yeah… It’s good spend few minutes to be here … And I think the lonely you stay…the more calm, less excited you feel better.

Neah: Yeah… It’s a good kind of impression when relics are on your head.

Chris: Everybody is very friendly, very warm and very welcoming as well. I guess we are here again to feel the same experience.

Neah: Blessed…

Chris: you know that….

Neah: Not that blessed (she makes a hand sign with her index fingers pointing in front). A strong sense, a boost.

Beatriz: It’s like been present?

Neah: Yes. It’s feels love. I feel it them, sense of love. Love for others. It’s also repair respect of teaching I guess.

I speak about le latest projection of Dalai Lama’s conference in New York 2010 about the example he gives with India like a democratic and multicultural country, the most tolerant in the world.

Chris asks: Where is the talk?

Beatriz: It was yesterday afternoon at the first floor. (We are in Centro Cultural Caixa Ontinyent).

Chris: That’s a spiritual teacher Dalai Lama’s very young more than approach it’s a love wisdom.

Beatriz: He talks about a happier life.

Both nods and say: Right!

Chris: letting go the normal exertions the tearing or … like he say it is finding  –(he makes a thinking expression touching his chin.) – that life is a lot easy with the simple things. Happiness is fundamentally I guess. Happiness is not found in the outside. When we come here we feel the true happiness it’s outside mentality.

Beatriz: What are the feelings and sensations which you want to keep always with you?

Neah: Sense of stillness, nothingness … in others and yourself. Scented in your true self, I guess.

Chris: I think the subsection is not good. But I think when you are more connected with yourself, your true self; with your spirit there is onside sincerity. And in there is obviously in peace. There’s also letting go , don’t really care some much about material things. But it’s also the … I mean security.

Neah: Yeah we like, when we are here, the sense of security the sense of been home, and sense of hope and love. I think I keep that when you live, that will be great! I wanna be a feel very scented. And body a brain again less active for me.

Beatriz: Do you mean, be calmed?

Neah: Yeah, be calmed -(she says touching her head.)- Yeah…scented in my body present and quietly for is how to describe you feel your body.  Is it in your heart .. (she touch her heart with her right hand while her sweet smile is again in her face).

Chris: Yeah… I think, probably the other word is just connection.

Neah: Everyone here is minded again each other to feel connected each other.

Chris: Put even something takes care of each other.  Yeah… Is more the connection with Goddess.

(And Neah nods too)

Beatriz: Thank you, thank you so much!

Neah and Chris: Thank you!

They seems happy and grateful too all the time, and do not doubt to write they email address while some women came to offer them some tea. Few minutes later, when we are talking about something, we are alert by a strong noise. A sick person came into a wheelchair and has a strong coughing fit.

During the entire interview there are many people walking around the relics. Others are passing to our place, because we are sitting on the floor, in the meditation area. Every time we have been spoken, people around us are calmed, watchful and respect us all the time. Sincerely, I didn’t realize the music or the things happening around us. It was like we were in a bubble in that moment, so focus on the matter!

Thank you Neah and Chris for share this moment with me. That was a great experience for me and, surely, one of the best moments that I have lived.





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